Contributor Films is a collective of filmmaker professionals with one common interest – to make unique and compelling content.  That goal is the same whether it be in the documentary, television or advertising genre; both for our own projects as well as our clients through the use of inventive and cutting edge storytelling techniques.


Our savvy team comes from a wide variety of skill sets and strengths allowing Contributor to be a true collaborator in the art of filmmaking.  We have traveled extensively worldwide, working with different short and long-term productions and understand the process involved with shooting all sizes of projects. The Contributor team is transparent, creative and refreshing to work with. 


Based in Venice, CA, Contributor Films is a full-service non-fiction production company producing everything from high end Documentaries for television to ENG style run and gun shoots. Contributor also produces branded content identity pieces, behind the scenes videos for commercial, television and feature clients and government content.  


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